A report was taken to Cabinet on the 6 September 2017 recommending that the Yarcombe and Marsh Neighbourhood Plan be 'made' so that it forms part of the Development Plan for East Devon, alongside the adopted East Devon Local Plan (2013-2031) and the Devon Minerals and Waste Plans.   The date of 'making' the Plan is 14 September 2017.   This is following the successful referendum on 27 July 2017 where 83.6% of residents who voted were in favour of adopting the Plan.   The 'Made' Yarcombe and Marsh Neighbourhood Plan is available to view.


Consulting the Community

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Neighbourhood Plan Update 

Yarcombe and Marsh’s Neighbourhood Plan has been developed over the past 2 years in consultation with our Parish community and has been submitted for consideration by the District Council and the Planning Inspector before it is finally submitted to Yarcombe and Marsh residents for final adoption in a local referendum, probably during 2017. The Parish Council has recently received a late  request from  Yarcombe Community Land Trust to make an amendment to the Plan, which it accepted at the Parish Council meeting in November.

The Neighbourhood Plan provides for some limited small scale development to provide affordable housing within the parish in the years ahead. The Community Land Trust’s proposed  amendment makes clear that such development might take place near the village centres of both Yarcombe and Marsh. This was implicit in the original plan but the current amendment ensures that this policy within the Neighbourhood Plan is unambiguous.  

 This update is  a formal notification of the amendment which the Parish Council is required to provide where the Neighbourhood Plan is amended after its formal submission. 


Yarcombe Parish Council has been working since July 2014 to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Yarcombe and Marsh.   Once adopted a Neighbourhood Plan gives local people more influence over how things such as planning permissions are decided.   It can also allow us to help shape our environment and have influence over the creation of community facilities.

You may recall that a community questionnaire went to every household and we held a series of events in the Yarcombe Village Hall to let people know what we were trying to achieve and to seek your views.

We submitted the draft Plan at the end of September 2016, which is based on your input and written with the help of consultants.   The draft plan will be considered by East Devon District Council and an expert planning inspector.   Once we have their support Yarcombe and Marsh residents will be invited to vote in a local referendum to agree whether we should adopt the plan.   If more than 50% of those voting agree to adopt it then the plan will become a legal document having statutory force as part of the Local Development Plan.


Neighbourhood Plan documents:



Draft Plan, December 2016


Steering Group Notes, February 2016


Terms Of Reference


Steering Group Notes, June 2016


Grant Confirmation Letter


Feedback Form, February 2016


Processes & Procedures


Basic Conditions Statement


Consultation & Engagement


Consultation Statement




EDDC Notice Of Publication


Launch Questionnaire


Written Evidence Parts 1 & 2




Written Evidence Part 3


Yarcombe Consultation Report


Written Evidence Part 4


Powerpoint Presentation


Written Evidence Part5


Steering Group Meeting, October 2014


Written Evidence Appendix


Steering Group Meeting, December 2014